Saturday, October 3, 2015

15 of the Worst Times to Break Up with Someone

Is there ever a good time to break up with someone? Probably not – other than, I suppose, at the point in time that both people mutually decide it’s time to amicably go their separate ways with absolutely no hurt, hard feelings, or regret. Right.

But some times are much worse than others to break up with your significant other. Granted, some of them can’t be avoided – it’s always better not to drag it out – but that doesn’t stop these 15 break-up times from packing the most possible punch.

Worst Times to Break Up #15: On Valentine’s Day
It suddenly becomes “Singles Awareness Day.”

Worst Times to Break Up #14: Right before final exams
You can’t grieve and study at the same time… At least wait until exams are over, or leave enough of a buffer before they begin.

Worst Times to Break Up #13: New Year’s Eve
“3… 2… 1… I don’t want to go out anymore!” Not a great way to start the New Year.

Worst Times to Break Up #12: When you’re not face-to-face
Text messages, answering machine messages, Facebook, email, have a friend do it...? Not good! Breaking up needs to be done in person.
Worst Times to Break Up #11: At Christmastime
So much for the most wonderful time of the year… As one friend puts it, it’s unacceptable to break up “anytime from the third week in November to the second week in January.”

Worst Times to Break Up #10: When s/he’s sick or injured
My mom still hasn’t gotten over the fact that John Brooks dumped her while she had mono. Don’t add insult to injury…

Worst Times to Break Up #9: Before a prior commitment
When I was in high school, my boyfriend broke up with me just before a concert to which we had expensive, non-refundable tickets. That was an awkward car ride… with his parents…

Worst Times to Break Up #8: Just before an anniversary of dating
At least make it to the milestone before dropping the bomb.

Worst Times to Break Up #7: After you damage his/her property
“Honey, I totaled your car. And you have to pay the deductible. Also, I’m breaking up with you.” Pay for the damage before doing more damage!

Worst Times to Break Up #6: After a loss
Whether it’s the loss of a job or the death of a loved one, try to avoid compounding grief with more grief.

Worst Times to Break Up #5: Surrounding prom
If it’s before, she doesn’t have a date. If it’s during, he won’t have a good time. If it’s after, she’ll feel used. You can’t win. Leave a buffer.

Worst Times to Break Up #4: On his/her birthday
We each get one day out of the year to ourselves. Don’t take that away!

Worst Times to Break Up #3 On vacation
After it’s over, where are you going to go?

Worst Times to Break Up #2 During a marriage proposal
One person thinks he’s about to get a fiancé. One person reveals she’s about to be single. I guess it’s better than being left at the altar, but it’s still got to sting.

Worst Times to Break Up #1 After moving to be closer to you
Giving up everything in one place just to be with a certain person in another place… and then losing that person… well, this takes the cake for the #1 worst time to break up with someone.

Breakups are a part of life, and sometimes they’ve just got to happen at an inopportune time… but if you can avoid these 15 scenarios, you’ll probably avoid making the breakup worse than it has to be! 

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