Sunday, September 14, 2014

How to Write a Bridal Shower Thank-You Note

When you sit down to write your mountain of bridal shower thank-you notes, you might feel so overwhelmed you’re not even sure where to start. Fortunately, after having written a virtual book of thank-you notes between my wedding and first child, I’m pretty sure I have established a sure-fire method for writing thank-you notes. I’m sure you feel genuinely grateful that people spent their time and treasure helping you prepare for your upcoming marriage. Follow these four steps to express your gratitude in a sincere, memorable way.

Thank them for their presence or acknowledge their absence.

It’s easy to forget that for many people, time is a more precious asset than money. Start by thanking your bridal shower guest for taking the time to celebrate your upcoming wedding. If the guest wasn’t able to attend the bridal shower, acknowledge that she was missed.

Name the gift specifically.

Rather than opting for a generic phrase such as “your generous gift,” name the bridal shower gift specifically in your thank-you note. If the gift had many pieces, name a couple standout items and add a phrase such as, “as well as the other thoughtful additions to our new home.”

Explain how you’ve used it or plan to use it.

As a thank-you note recipient, this is the part I always look forward to most. I want to picture the gift that I took the time to choose being used! If you have already had the opportunity to use the gift, name a specific instance. If you have not yet used it, tell the bridal shower guest one or two ways in which you’re sure the gift will be used in the future.

Wrap it up with a personal touch.

Include a sentiment that is a compliment to the bridal shower guest’s taste or thoughtfulness. Make mention of something to do with the guest’s family or upcoming plans. Remind her that you’d love to see her at the wedding, and wrap up with a sweet sign-off such as, “With love.”

Please visit my blog to see some bridal shower thank-you note wording samples based on this formula. Happy writing!

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