Sunday, September 14, 2014

Funny Bridal Shower Games to Get the Bride Laughing

Bridal shower guests might be dreading the inevitable games they’ll have to play over the course of the event, but they’ll leave with smiles on their faces if they’ve gotten a good chuckle along the way. The following five games have an element of humor that are sure to make your guests laugh – and the bride-to-be will probably even find them funny herself.

“How Sweet It Is”

“How Sweet It Is” is a word matching game that pairs candy bar names with wedding and marriage phrases. Bridal shower guests usually get a chuckle out of the answer – especially such risqué pairs as “Skor” with “Wedding Night” and “Good ‘n’ Plenty” with “Honeymoon.” See a sample question sheet and its corresponding answer sheet here, or if you’re feeling creative, make your own. The winner of the game is the guest who has the most correct matches when time is up. And what better prize for that guest than some candy?

Mad Lib

For this personalized game, craft a story about a honeymoon adventure for the bride and groom, what their wedding night will be like, or whatever couple-related event you can think of. (My sister once had the brilliant idea to use the “how we met” story from the bride and groom’s website.) Leave out some of the key adjectives, nouns, verbs, and adverbs and provide an answer sheet with corresponding blanks. Guests fill out the answer sheet in teams before they see or hear the story. Read each completed Mad Lib out loud to the bride so that she can vote for the winner!

Baby Photos

Well before the shower, have each member of the wedding party submit the funniest baby photo they can find, as well as a current photo. Make a handout, poster, or slideshow of the pictures and ask guests to pair each baby photo with its corresponding bridal party member. The person who can identify the most babies correctly wins a prize. This game is especially fun for those guests who have known certain members of the bridal party since childhood.

The Soundtrack of Life

Give each guest two small slips of paper and ask them to write down the slow song and dance song they most want to hear played at the wedding. Announce after they’ve been turned in that these song titles you’re about to read all describe the bride and groom’s life together. You can either read them all on the fly or review them before you read them aloud while the guests are distracted with another activity. If you review them ahead of time you can choose just the best songs to read or break them into categories, such as “In The Bedroom” or “Things the Groom Will Say to the Bride.” The bride can choose the song titles she found funniest or most relevant and the guests who submitted them would win the game.

“That’s What She Said”

This isn’t really a game – more of a “gotcha” to the bride – but it’s a fun way to end the shower. While the bride is opening gifts, have one of the bridesmaids secretly record all of her exclamations. When she’s done opening gifts, announce that you have a list of all the things the bride will say on her wedding night. I was embarrassed but couldn’t help but laugh when my bridesmaid read such phrases as, “It’s bigger than I thought it would be!” aloud to my wedding guests – and of course everyone else was in stitches!


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