Tuesday, October 9, 2012

5 Unique Ideas for Halloween Group Dates

If you're planning on getting friends together for a Halloween group date this year, you could stick with the traditional trick-or-treating, Halloween party, or scary movie marathon. But if you're in the mood for a little something different and out-of-the-casket - er, box - then here are five ghoulish ideas that will give you a Halloween group date to remember. Witch will you choose?

Murder mystery dinner
"Who dunnit?" will be the question of the night as you experience your murder mystery dinner Halloween group date. Make a reservation at a nearby murder mystery dinner theater, order a script from an online provider, or, if you're feeling particularly creative, come up with your own. With costumes and a willingness to be part of the show, you and your friends will have a fun, interactive, thrilling night to remember.

Local ghost tour
This Halloween group date will require a little bit of research, but it will be well worth it. Spend some time online or at the library discovering where all the supposed local "haunted spots" are, from houses to graveyards. Some may be drive-by-only locations, but others may even be offering tours on or around Halloween. Share the stories you learned about each stop as you visit.

Scary story time

Go pre-television with your Halloween group date by hosting a scary story night. Pull out your favorite Edgar Allan Poe and other spooky short stories and share them by candlelight or around a campfire. Better yet, each write your own story or adapt your favorite tale from childhood. You could even submit them into a contest. Have each guest read another guest’s story and vote on the best at the end of the night.

Host a haunted house

Rather than simply hand out candy this year, get your Halloween group together and host a haunted house for the trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood. Pick out a scary soundtrack, hook up some spooky lighting, rig up some dummies, and don your scariest costumes. The kids will be talking about your spooky front yard or foyer for the rest of the year!

Creepy game night

For a fun but low-key night, pull out your favorite creepy games and have a Halloween group game night. You can play a classic like Clue or another made-to-scare game. If it bodes with your sense of morality, you could also get out a Ouija board and hold a pretend séance. It might just be creepy enough to believe!

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