Monday, August 13, 2012

Ways to Give Advice to Newlywed Couples

All newlyweds need a little marriage advice to start their lives off right. Even if they think they know everything about marriage, newlyweds will quickly realize they have a lot to learn and value any advice from people who've been there. But how can you give newlyweds your marriage advice without having it go in one ear and out the other? Consider these five personal, thoughtful, and lasting ways to give marriage advice to newlyweds.

Make the newlyweds a scrapbook of your favorite marriage advice
Are you crafty? Collect your favorite sayings, advice you've learned from experience, and words of wisdom from loved ones. Put together a small scrapbook with one snippet of advice on each page. You might personalize each page with a picture of the newlyweds, a favorite couple in their lives, or things they have to look forward to in their marriage. Your newlywed friends will treasure this wealth of advice as they start their marriage.

Create a wall hanging of marriage advice for the newlyweds
With a small slab of wood, some stencils, and some paint, you can easily create a wall hanging that displays your marriage advice for the newlyweds. A short, sweet, and timeless saying will spruce up their new home and serve as a daily reminder to keep their marriage healthy. If you're not particularly handy, plenty of stores such as Hobby Lobby and Bed Bath & Beyond sell similar wall hangings.

Make a marriage advice video at the newlyweds' wedding
Weddings are often packed with married couples that love the newlyweds and are eager to share their secrets to success. If you're good with a camera and video editing software, you can interview those guests during the wedding reception. Set the snippets of advice to the newlyweds' favorite tunes and send them a belated wedding gift they'll treasure and refer to for years to come.

Keep the marriage advice rolling in for the newlyweds' first year
If you have a good collection of marriage advice, consider keeping a steady stream of it flowing the newlyweds' way. It might be just the inspiration the newlyweds need every time they start to face a bit of a rocky road during that difficult first year. Sign them up for a daily marriage tip, such as from, or give them a marriage advice calendar. For a personal twist, collect letters of advice from their favorite newlyweds and send one letter each month.

Create a marriage advice bank for the newlyweds

Consider giving your newlyweds a marriage advice bank to go to in good times and in bad. Decorate a Mason jar, vase, or small wooden chest. On small slips of paper, handwrite or print your favorite quotations and words of wisdom, and use them to fill your "marriage advice bank." Get the newlyweds' friends and family in on the gift by asking them to write down their marriage advice for the newlyweds at a shower or at the wedding reception and add those to your collection.

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