Sunday, August 12, 2012

Newlywed Game Questions for a Bridal Shower

The Newlywed Game can be a big hit at a bridal shower, but it can sometimes be difficult to come up with the best questions to use. I recently created the following list of 25 Newlywed Game questions for my sister-in-law's bridal shower. While the list is tailored to my brother and sister-in-law as a couple, it can serve as a starting point for anyone who's trying to come up with their own Newlywed Game questions for a bridal shower. Hope you find it helpful!

The Newlywed Game Questions

1.         What is/was The Groom’s favorite place to hang out with you in (a place they’ve both lived)?
2.         What is The Groom’s favorite pizza (toppings and place to order from)?
3.         What one activity would The Groom do if you had a free weekend?
4.         If you went out for drinks, what would be the first beverage The Groom would order?
5.         If family members came to visit you in (their current location), what would be the one place The Groom had to take them for dinner?
6.         Which of The Groom’s housekeeping habits drives you the most crazy?
7.         What is The Groom’s favorite game to play with a group?
8.         What is The Groom’s favorite Christmas movie to watch?
9.         Where did The Groom first tell you he loves you?
10.      If The Groom could relocate anywhere, where would it be?
11.      What color does The Groom think looks best on you?
12.      What size shoe does The Groom wear?
13.      How many children would The Groom like to have?
14.      What is The Groom’s favorite holiday tradition?
15.      If The Groom could have any job and money wasn't an issue, what would he do?
16.      What movie star is The Groom most like?
17.      What does The Groom say is the cutest thing you do without realizing it?
18.      What does The Groom say is his favorite feature of yours?
19.      What is The Groom’s favorite picture of the two of you?
20.     What person, character, or sound does The Groom best do an impersonation of?
21.      What date did The Groom ask you to marry him?
22.     How did The Groom complete this sentence: "(The Bride) is a natural born..."
23.     What was The Groom’s very first pet (type of animal and name)?
24.     Where did you and The Groom have your first kiss?
25.      What did The Groom say he’s most excited about being married to you?