Friday, July 6, 2012

Unleash the Power of Positive Thinking in Your Marriage

When you first got married, the prospect of a lifetime together probably seemed like a dream come true. But as the dust settles in a marriage and reality sets in, sometimes things start to be a little less rosy. When this happens, wives can get caught in patterns of negative thought that, if left unchecked, could lead to a downward spiral of unhappiness, anxiety, and resentment. Instead of succumbing to these persistent negative thoughts, unleash the power of positive thinking in your marriage. Acknowledge the negative thoughts, and then work through them by concentrating on the positive aspects of your marriage. Take these negative thoughts for example.

"I will only be with this one person for the rest of my life..."

There are times that the reality of a lifelong commitment really sinks in. Realizing that there is "no going back" and I have really chosen this one person for the rest of my life can be a little scary, and if I were to spend too much time entertaining this negative thought, I might start to feel trapped. Instead, I turn this thought around and look at what a positive thing a commitment to one person is. I realize my husband loves me so much that he has committed himself to see me through thick and thin, to love me for better or worse. I know that I will have this one man that I can depend on, grow with, and love forever. The feeling of security, stability, and comfort that brings me outweighs any negative thoughts of being "trapped" in one relationship.

"I am so sick of all his annoying habits..."

Nobody's perfect, and my husband - contrary to what he might tell you - is no exception. He certainly has some bad habits that would drive me crazy if I dwelled on them. But here I take some advice from How I Met Your Mother. In one episode, the narrator, Ted, says, "You see, when someone's bad habits are pointed out to you, it's hard to ignore them, but if you love them enough, they are easy to forget." So how do you counteract getting bogged down by your husband's bad habits? Remember that in a marriage, you make sacrifices and take the good with the bad. Concentrate on all the good things about him - his positive, unique, and loveable traits - and hopefully they'll overshadow that occasional bad habit. Besides, he loves you despite the bad habits you surely have, too!

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