Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Marriage Diets: Fast from These for a Healthier Marriage

We always hear people talk about "healthy marriages," as if couples are on some sort of nutrition plan for marital bliss. Maybe this analogy isn't so far from the truth. I've found that just like any good diet requires a little bit of sacrifice - you know, "no pain, no gain" - so does any good marriage in order to survive and thrive. If couples fast from these three things, I'm guessing a healthier marriage will be just around the corner.

My husband and I are both masters of sarcasm. While it can sometimes be funny, more often than not, it ends up stinging. Frequent use of sarcasm puts up walls that keep partners from being able to trust that the other is being genuine. Want more proof that a sarcasm fast would help a marriage? Psychology Today's Elizabeth Svoboda writes, "Psychologist John Gottman has found that if partners display contempt toward each other-which commonly includes making sarcastic remarks-their odds of divorce rise dramatically." Try making a pact that every comment or response you make to your partner is with honesty, patience, and love.

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