Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Choosing the Right Maid of Honor for Your Wedding

The maid of honor at my wedding was my sister - one of my oldest and best friends, an enthusiast of my relationship with my husband, and my resident mind reader. She kept me laughing, was a source of excitement, and would have done anything to make sure my wedding day went off without a hitch. Without her by my side, my wedding would have been a lot more stressful and a lot less fun. If you're in the market for an equally successful maid of honor, consider these five factors while making your decision.

Not just a fair-weather friend

The person who stands by you at your wedding shouldn't just be your new BFF from the next cubicle over in the job you started three months ago. She should be someone who's proven she'll always be a part of your life. She could be a family member, since they tend not to go anywhere, but she doesn't have to be. Bride S. admitted, "My maids of honor were my sister and my best friend. To be honest, I chose my sister because I felt like I needed to. However, I wanted my best friend next to me because we had been through thick and thin during college and I wanted her standing next to me as I began this new path in my life."

Good at organizing

Part of a maid of honor's duty is to be an event planner. It's often her responsibility to put together a shower and bachelorette party before the wedding, which means she needs to have foresight, creativity, and follow-through - or at least be a prize-winning delegator. During the wedding, she should also be able to help keep the wedding party organized and the order of events moving along, so communication skills are key. Bride K. says that her maid of honor was "easy to get along with (for shower planning this is a must!) and genuine in wanting the best for me and my man on our special day."

Financially fit

Before you ask your chosen maid of honor whether she'll accept the position, make sure she's able to handle the financial responsibility. Paying for a gown as a bridesmaid can be pricy, but when you tack on the cost of the pre-wedding parties, travel, gift, and perhaps even childcare or time off work, being your maid of honor can come along with a hefty price tag. She's likely to do all she can to make it work, but if she's facing financial stress, you might want to give her an out or find a way to provide some support.

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