Thursday, July 12, 2012

5 Signs You're Ready to Get Married

When a relationship seems to be heading toward marriage, it's easy to spend all your time wondering, "When will we be ready?" Some couples seem to take the plunge much too quickly, while others drag their feet to the altar, leaving others to wonder, "What's the hold-up?" While there may not be any definitive right time to get married, I've got five signs for you to consider that you're ready for matrimony.

You might be ready to get married if you…

Are ready to have kids

When my husband and I were dating, I saw in him traits that I wanted to see in my children and qualities that would make an outstanding father and parenting teammate. When we made our wedding vow to willingly accept children, we were ready to fulfill that promise. It's not a given that a marriage will bring along kids, but when two people have sex, they're embracing the possibility that it will lead to a baby. In my opinion, two people shouldn't get married unless they feel ready to bring a child into the world together.

Know the family

Marriage truly is a melding together of two families. Knowing my husband's family ahead of time helped me to understand how he was raised and therefore how he might wish to raise our children. It also gave me some insight into where aspects of his personality and behavior patterns might have originated. More than that, my husband and I each came to understand what might be expected of us from each side of the family and how they would be a part of our life, which is quite an important aspect of our marriage.

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