Wednesday, July 18, 2012

5 Gifts Any Newlywed Couple Would Love

When the wedding is over and the new home is furnished, it may seem like an impossible task to pick out a birthday or holiday gift for a newlywed couple. But as it turns out, there are certain gifts that any newlywed couple is likely to appreciate after they've started their new life together. From practical to nostalgic, here are five newlywed couple gift ideas that my husband and I suggest based on our taste and experience.

We registered for a set of storage ottomans, and they have become a featured commodity in our living room. We use the bench-style ottoman as a coffee table. One of the smaller ones is storing our daughter's toys, another holds our magazines, and the rest are folded away within the largest one waiting to serve as foot stools, extra seating, or storage as we see fit. Other than ottomans, consider food storage containers, closet organizers, bookshelves, filing systems, and decorative baskets. While they may seem boring, they help to keep our new home organized and orderly.

Throw blankets
When guests are over, our baby needs something spread out under her mess of toys, or we just want to cuddle up on the couch, we can never have enough throw blankets around. One in particular that we received for our wedding has become the family favorite. When our cat hasn't staked claim to it, one of us is sure to have it draped over our lap at the end of the day.

Restaurant gift cards
As newlyweds, we always appreciate receiving restaurant gift cards. They give us an excuse to escape from the daily grind and go out to reconnect. Especially since we are living on a tight budget, it's also been great to be able to enjoy a dinner out but not fret about the bill. Getting the funds in the form of a restaurant gift card also take away the feeling of guilt for spending money on a date instead of toward something more practical.

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