Thursday, June 21, 2012

Technological Tools for Long-Distance Loved Ones

My mom always laments that we no longer live in an age when people were likely to stay put in the same town their whole lives. Now it's typical for families to be scattered across the country, only to reconnect in person for the occasional holiday or wedding. Fortunately for the long-distance couples, kids off at college, or geographically diverse extended families of the world, technology is on our side. Here are 4 technological tools I've come to find useful for maintaining relationships with my long-distance loved ones.

Online Calendars
Online calendars can allow long-distance loved ones know what each person is up to at any given time. This tool can be helpful to keep up with current hobbies and events in one another's lives, and it can also indicate when the best times would be for one to place a phone call to the other. My husband and I use Google calendar to map out our work schedules, meetings, and social commitments, and it helps us keep our busy lives on the same page.

Digital Photo Frame
Since my mom can't receive picture messages on her phone, my siblings and I chipped in to give her a digital photo frame for Mother's Day. We chose the Kodak Pulse for its Wi-Fi capabilities. All I have to do is email a picture to my mom's Kodak Pulse email address, and it shows up on her screen! Now she has an endless stream of pictures of her long-distance loved ones right in her own living room.

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