Thursday, June 28, 2012

Newlywed Real Estate

My husband and I had been married for just a short while when we started our house hunt. We were renting an apartment, in which my kitten seemed to take up just as much space as the both of us. We were hoping to start a family in the relatively near future, interest rates were down, and we had enough money for the FHA required 5% down payment. The buyer's market beckoned, and we bit the bullet.

The house that we bought was in a part of town we never thought we'd get into and bigger than we'd thought we could afford, but we were so excited that it was ours. Purchasing the home, moving in, taking care of it, and making the payments have all been learning experiences through which I'd like to educate other first-time homebuyers. I've started writing a series of articles called Newlywed Real Estate. As they're published, I'll collect them here:

4 Signs You've Found the Right Real Estate Agent
5 Reasons I Wish We'd Waited to Buy Our House
Choosing the Location of Your New Home

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