Friday, June 22, 2012

4 Quick Cuts for Your Monthly Budget

When my husband took a job with better hours that paid less, while at the same time we decided to buy a house and bring our first baby into the world, we had quite the wake-up call. We realized that what we were earning could no longer support the lifestyle we'd chosen for ourselves. It seemed a hopeless cause when we looked at our budget, but once we broke our attachment to certain aspects of our lifestyle, opportunities to spend less and save more became apparent.

Getting rid of cable
As it turns out, we don't need cable. It's surprising, I know. We stuck with our Netflix subscription and Internet and allowed the cable company to haul away our coveted box. This leaves an extra $50 in our bank account each month, and we're enjoying resurrecting our old DVDs, tuning into music instead of TV shows, and occasionally even enjoying a little quiet time at home.

Sticking to a meal plan
Our grocery bill, which frequently included expensive meats, unnecessary snacks, and impulse buys, was ringing up to the tune of $400/month. Now, we make a meal plan at the beginning of the week and stick to it. We don't buy more food unless we've eaten or allocated what's in our fridge and freezer. We eat a lot of hot dogs, I'm sad to say, but we're eating less overall, and believe it or not, the scales are actually showing it. We've been able to cut our monthly food budget in half with our discipline and attitude adjustment.

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