Friday, May 25, 2012

Practically Free Father's Day Gifts Based on His Love Language

Father's Day is a great opportunity to honor my husband who is a better father to our infant girl than I could have ever dreamed. Unfortunately, we are on a tight budget - as in, we've been spending more than we make every month. Because of that, I'm going to have to get creative when I plan for his very first Father's Day. 

When we were engaged and attending the required couples retreat as part of our marriage preparation, we learned about Gary Chapman's 5 Love Languages. Chapman's theory is that we each have a primary way that we prefer love be communicated to us, and partners should learn to show love in their partner's love language, even if it doesn't match their own. If I use my husband's love language as a guide, I won't have to spend much in order to find the perfect Father's day gift for him. Consider these practically free Father's Day gift ideas generated by the five love languages.

Acts of Service
One of my husband's primary love languages is "acts of service." Now, granted, taking care of our house and child after working all day is a great act of service I show him all the time, and he's appreciative of that. But for Father's Day, I could go above and beyond. I could clean his car, take on some of his usual household chores for the week, or cook him his favorite meal while he puts his feet up and watches his favorite TV show.

Physical Touch
My husband's other primary love language is "physical touch." Unfortunately, I don't often speak that love language to him, as we tend to do our own thing most evenings before one of us inevitably passes out on a couch. For Father's Day, I could spend some quality time cuddled up on the couch with him or give him a really good massage.

Words of Affirmation
It's easy to take my husband for granted and forget to tell him how much he means to me. If "words of affirmation" were his love language, I could express those feelings in words by writing him a heartfelt card, poem, or letter. Perhaps better yet, I could get creative by filling a jar with compliments written on slips of paper that he could pull out when he needs a pick-me-up or hide loving messages around the house for him to find when he least expects it.

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