Saturday, April 7, 2012

What to Consider When Setting Your Spring Wedding Date

 So much goes into choosing a wedding date. Some people desire a trendy date (such as 7-7-07, the "most popular wedding day ever" according to TIME), while others simply care that they are able to book all of their preferred vendors. The season of spring typically marks the beginning of "wedding season," with June known to be the most popular month for weddings out of the whole year. If you have narrowed your decision down to having a spring wedding, there are several factors that could sway your choice of exact wedding date.

Religious observances

Catholic weddings during the season of Lent are generally frowned upon, as the season is meant to be solemn and reflective rather than celebratory. Couples planning Lenten wedding ceremonies may be advised to keep a somber tone, which is probably contrary to the mood you were hoping for ( Of course you will want to avoid the dates surrounding Passover and Easter when guests likely have religious and family obligations to tend to. On the other hand, setting a wedding date shortly after Easter will help you save money on ceremony decorations. Churches are usually exquisitely adorned with flowers during the weeks following Easter Sunday.


Spring marks the beginning of the prime season for many vacation hot spots, so rates are not likely to be discounted. You may want to avoid popular spring break destinations during March and April if you were looking for a more relaxing honeymoon. Taking a small trip after your wedding and postponing your big trip until the fall or winter could really help you save on your honeymoon. Of course, you will also want to keep the typical weather patterns for your destination in mind when choosing your honeymoon date.

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