Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Halloween Costumes for Couples Based on Puns

When you and your partner are deciding what to wear for Halloween this year, you don't want to be one of the hundred renditions of Bella and Edward or the scandalous but overdone plug and socket. Instead, stand out in one of these clever costumes. Each costume is based on a play on words. Your friends might not understand your costume at first, but when you tell them its title, you'll have them chuckling and admiring your ingenuity all night!

#5 Sick and Tired

One person in this Halloween costume couple dresses up as a sick person - thermometer, dots on the face, a cold pack attached to a hat, and a bathrobe. The other dresses up as a tired person - pajamas, a doll or teddy bear, and messy hair. When someone asks you who you are, you get to exclaim, "We're sick and tired!"

#4 Pair of Blue Jeans

For this couple Halloween costume, you'll each need a blue shirt, blue pants, a fabric marker, and some blue face paint. The woman writes "Jean" on her shirt, and the man writes "Gene." When you are all dressed in blue, you make a pair of blue Jeans!

#3 Black-Eyed Peas

No, I'm not talking about the band. All you need for this couple Halloween costume is a white T-shirt with the letter P on it for each person. You could use a fabric marker or create two letter P's out of felt and adhere one to each shirt. When each of you uses makeup to look as though they are black and blue, you become black-eyed P's!

#2 Cardiac Arrest

For this couple Halloween costume, one person dresses up as a heart - perhaps in a cardboard or felt heart costume. The other dresses as a police officer and leads the heart around by handcuffs. This costume will give your guests a heart attack!

#1 Facebook Official

Although this couple Halloween costume requires a little more work, it will pay off when you make your entrance. Create a giant cardboard Facebook profile. Be sure to include that you're "In a Relationship." Cut out a hole big enough for the couple to be able to stand behind it and have their faces show through. Now pose! You're Facebook official!

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