Monday, August 1, 2011

5 Lessons in Love from the First Year of Marriage

My husband and I just celebrated our first year of marriage, and what a year it's been! It seems as though it's gone by in the blink of an eye, but looking back, we have accomplished so much and grown tremendously as a couple. In honor of our anniversary, I decided to reflect on five important lessons in love I've learned from my first year of marriage. These lessons are accompanied by quotations from other married women who are as eager as I am to inspire those wives and girlfriends who need support, encouragement, or a fresh perspective in their relationships.

We're on the same team.

" matter what happens, despite our feelings of what we may be going through, we NEED to support each other because when bad things happen there is nobody that can help you get through it better than your one true love." K. C. M.

I used to catch myself frequently correcting my husband and being quick to assume he was attacking me with his words, and he was often guilty of treating me in the same fashion. I soon learned that not believing my husband is actually on the same team as me leads to a marriage full of tension, anxiety, and short fuses. Married couples thrive when they strive to understand and support each other, apologize when they wrong each other, and genuinely believe they are teammates rather than opponents.

Neither of us is perfect.

"[I learned] to see my own faults when I want to see the faults of my husband." T. G.
The longer you are your husband are together, the more likely you are to see and be irritated by faults and flaws, and the better you will learn how to push each other's buttons. Married couples thrive when they learn that neither person is perfect - both are a work in progress - but continue to love each other entirely, imperfections and all. One of the best parts of my marriage is when my husband and I can have loving conversations about the habits and personality traits we need to work on. We don't try to change each other, but we do try to help each other continually grow. 

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