Saturday, July 16, 2011

Date Ideas for Your First Anniversary of Marriage

Maybe your first year of marriage was difficult and you're just glad it's over. Maybe it flew by so quickly you can't believe it's already been a year. Maybe you're like me, and it will be the first anniversary you've ever experienced with your spouse. (He wouldn't let us celebrate our first anniversary of dating because we were already engaged, or our first anniversary of being engaged because we were already married!) Whatever the case may be, one year of marriage is certainly something to celebrate. Here are five suggestions for themed dates to help you celebrate right.

1. The First Date... Date. Hopefully your first date was a memorable occasion - whether that was because it was romantic, fun, or a disaster. One way to celebrate your first anniversary is to reenact your first date. For me, that would mean playing cards and watching "Fight Club" - not very romantic, but two of our favorite things to do nonetheless. Reenacting your first date will help you see how far you've come as a couple and learned about each other, and allow you the opportunity to chuckle at your younger selves.

2. The Honeymoon Date. My ideal first anniversary would be another visit to Jamaica where we spent our honeymoon. Financially, though, that's just not in the cards. If you had a memorable honeymoon, consider celebrating your first anniversary by creating a date that reminds you of your trip. If you honeymooned in Italy, eat at an authentic Italian restaurant and take a stroll through the nearest Little Italy. If you went to a tropical island, relax for the day at a local beach or make Pina Coladas in your bedroom. Over the course of your anniversary date, get out your honeymoon photo album or DVD and relive your most memorable moments.

3. The "We Should" Date. There was an episode of the TV series "How I Met Your Mother" in which Ted is trying to make the most of the last day he has with his girlfriend before she moves to Germany. They spent a day doing all of the things they had said they "should do sometime" during the course of their relationship. How many times have you and your husband passed that cute little bakery on the way home from church and said, "We should stop there for breakfast sometime"? How many times have you said, "We should really get a cabin in the mountains"? Whatever "we should"s you have in your life, spend your first anniversary actually experiencing them together. (Note: This does not include "We should really paint the bedroom" or "We should clean beneath the refrigerator" unless that would make both of you really happy.)

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