Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Five Tips for Choosing Exceptional Wedding Shower Gifts

Opening gifts at her wedding shower is a defining moment in a bride's wedding preparation. It makes everything seem more real as her kitchen is stocked and living room becomes decorated before her eyes. It also makes this complicated time in the bride's life seem a little more manageable as she is able to check more and more household items and living expenses off her ever-growing list. However, wedding shower guests have the potential to make the bride even more stressed if they do not take care when selecting their wedding shower gifts. Here are five tips to make sure the bride is excited about the gift she opens from you at her wedding shower.

1. Stick to the registry. Has your mother ever told you how she received as wedding shower gifts 25 baking dishes or the most ugly afghan she'd ever seen? Wedding registries were designed to avoid such gift-giving disasters. When choosing your wedding shower gift, remember the bride and groom created their registry for a reason. Try to avoid buying the bride a wedding shower gift that is not on her registry. You will consequently avoid the embarrassment of seeing her open a similar gift from another guest or a look of disappointment on the bride's face as she realizes she has just opened placemats that will completely clash with her kitchen.

2. Create something personalized. One of my favorite wedding shower gifts was a picture frame from my sister in which she displayed three of our engagement photos. A bride will generally get excited over any wedding shower gift designed especially for her. From monogrammed towels (consult the registry for her color schemes and taste) to a personalized doormat, going the personalized route will warm the bride's heart and rekindle her excitement about sharing a home with her soon-to-be husband.

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