Saturday, May 14, 2011

The "Living Together Before Marriage" Controversy

A fellow Yahoo! contributor, Tiffany Bailey, published an article on Shine that has caused an (in my opinion, surprising) uproar. The article, "Things You Should Do as a Couple Before Getting Married," advocates taking such steps as opening a joint checking account and living together. This is the same author who wrote "Practical Reasons to Live Together Before Marriage."

I was pleased to read the responses to her article. I was under the impression that most of the world would agree with her—the whole "try before you buy" mentality. On the contrary, it seems that many people share my personal views—that people should wait to intertwine their lives to such an intimate degree until they have given themselves completely to each other in marriage and pledged before God to stay together forever.

What does waiting until marriage do? In my opinion, it allows both people to be completely themselves without the fear of the other walking out, thus encouraging communication, problem-solving, and unconditional love as a couple. Besides, the joining of husband and wife into one is a big deal and changes everything. Why live as though you are "one" before you are? Moving in together after the wedding is a beautiful representation of the new union.

I have to say I wonder whether this author reads through my library for inspiration. She and I have very different views about marriage and life before it, and she almost—no, more that almost—seems to be responding to my ideas through her own articles.

Here are my related articles. Even the titles should give the obvious comparison away!

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Do you share any of my views or any of the other author's views?

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