Thursday, May 5, 2011

If Dates Were Like Facebook...

Have you ever just wished you could "like" a comment someone made in your real-life conversations? Have you ever longed for your camera so that you could capture a particular moment, tag the people in it, and post it for others to see? With Facebook having become as big a part of my life as it has over the last six years, I have certainly had plenty of moments like that. So I couldn't help but wonder: what if being on a date was like being on Facebook? Here's how a typical date might go.

You're Invited to "A Date With Me"

If dates were like Facebook, your potential date would take the time to describe the proposed outing in the most exciting language he could muster so that you wouldn't be able to help but click "Attending" on his Event invitation. Of course, if you're a real charmer, you would click "Maybe" and keep him waiting until the last minute with a mischievous ";)" in the comments section. Your friends would approve of your date by clicking "Like" when their News Feeds were updated. If you didn't get more than a couple of "likes," you might reconsider.

Your Date "Likes" This

If dates were like Facebook, you would be able to gauge your conversational success by how many times your date "liked" each comment you made. You wouldn't have to worry about reenacting the viral video he somehow missed - you could just post it on his Wall. Fortunately, with it being Facebook, your friends would probably chime in and offer you encouragement and suggestions as the night went along. Unfortunately, you would need to wade through the inevitable unsolicited criticism and sarcastic comments in order to get to said encouragement and suggestions.

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What other social interactions can you imagine being like Facebook?

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