Saturday, May 7, 2011

3 Dating Tips I Learned from Experience

Around prom time, I always reminisce about one of my worst dates ever. I was a sophomore in high school with a crush on a senior. As springtime rolled around, I was waiting for him to ask me to the prom, dreaming of buying a dress, going out to dinner, and showing up on the arm of my handsome older man.

As it turns out, he made some of that dream come true. I did get to wear a dress and go out to dinner on prom night—but I didn't get to go to the dance. Apparently, he wasn't a big fan of proms, so he decided to take me out for dinner at an undisclosed restaurant.

As I prepared for our big night out, what was the first thing I wanted to do? Wax my eyebrows. My own eyebrows. At home. Rather than waxing the bottoms of my eyebrows, I decided the were a little too long—you know, horizontally. So I applied the wax to the edges of my eyebrows. Well, I shortened them all right. I ended up with little square patches of eyebrows that I filled in with eyeliner. Tip #1: Don't try any new beauty techniques before a first date.

Fortunately, the stubby eyebrows didn't ruin my evening. My date picked me up in his dad's luxury vehicle, and we started our drive. My stomach growled as the drive went on and on... for an hour and 15 minutes. He was driving me to Syracuse, a good 75 miles away from home. And as we pulled into the restaurant's parking lot, he said, "I hope you like sushi."

Really? Sushi?! I was a 15-year-old girl with the blandest of palates, and he had driven me 75 miles for sushi? Tip #2: Don't agree to leaving the restaurant a surprise when the guy obviously does not know your taste. I was a good sport and tried some of the sushi... which, I might add, I still don't care for to this day... but my meal that evening ended up consisting mostly of the lettuce bed on which the sushi was sitting, and, thankfully, some lovely sorbet for dessert.

But all this leads up to the most important tip of all—Tip #3: Don't take dates too seriously. We still had a good time, despite my cosmetic mishap and culinary faux pas, and I lived to tell the tale with a smile on my face.

Here is a collection of some of my other dating tips and date ideas that will hopefully lead to a better date than I had!

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What was your worst date like?

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