Friday, April 1, 2011

Even My Mom Has a Work Spouse!

Jim and Pam on The Office are the perfect example of the "work spouse" phenomenon. Without each other, they would probably have found life at Dunder Mifflin pretty darn boring, but they relied on each for entertainment through witty banter, playing pranks on Dwight, and conversation. Of course, most of us know how Jim and Pam's story evolves. They may have been "work spouses" at one point, but they eventually fell in love and are now married with a baby.

While this might seem like an unavoidable progression for a man and woman who strike up a close friendship at work, it's not the usual case. My latest article explores a study conducted on "work spouse" relationships and uses a first-person example that's close to my heart: my mom!

The "Work Spouse" Phenomenon: Middle-Aged Moms Are No Exception

Do you have a work spouse?

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