Saturday, April 23, 2011

Let Go Of Past Love and Get Ready for Spring Romance

You may have been in hibernation this winter, dealing with the aftermath of a broken relationship, but now spring is just around the corner. While you might be excited by the prospect of a spring romance, you could be hanging on to your ex in a way that would hinder you from being able to fully immerse yourself in another relationship. Don’t let your spring cleaning stop with your home this year. Begin spring cleaning with your heart and mind so that you are spruced up for Mr. Right!

Put away the pictures

Seeing pictures of your ex will inevitably make you nostalgic about your relationship and keep you from being able to move on. If you have pictures stored on your computer, Facebook account, and around your home, you will have constant reminders of good times with your ex, which will make it even harder to let go. Plus, when a new boyfriend comes around, he won’t be too excited to see pictures of you with your former boyfriend.

This spring, get rid of those pictures and other ex-boyfriend memorabilia. If you’re not comfortable completely disposing of everything, put together a small shoebox or photo album of memories and store it in the back of your closet where it can stay out of sight and out of mind.


In a recent Cosmopolitan article, Bethany Heitman quoted Ilana Gershon, PhD, author of The Breakup 2.0: Disconnecting over New Media: “That period after leaving someone can be very emotional, and you really need a clean break to get your head on straight… Besides, it’s easy to become obsessive and read too much into minor things.” If you find that you are likely to send a random text message to your ex or spend too much time analyzing his Facebook page, you don’t have enough room in your heart and mind for a new flame.

This spring, disconnect from your ex. Delete his number from your phone, remove him as a friend on Facebook, and stop following him on Twitter. The more difficult it is to instantly connect with your ex, the easier you’ll be able to break the habit of checking in on him or obsessing over what he’s doing. Free up the time and mental energy you will need to meet new people.

Unpack the emotional baggage

Broken relationships can leave a lot of wounds and scars—some obvious, and some not. You might feel unable to trust another man. You might feel inadequate as a person or incapable of having a healthy relationship. You might have made some mistakes in the relationship of which you’re ashamed. Carrying this “emotional baggage” into your new relationship may keep you from being able to fully open yourself up to someone new.

This spring, offer up that emotional baggage to God and let Him heal you. Spend time in prayer allowing Him to help you heal and grow. With His help, you can rise out of your hurt to become a better version of yourself that you can confidently offer to someone new.
These spring cleaning steps will get you well on the way to a healed heart and a fresh, new relationship. Your closet can wait—take care of yourself first this spring!

For more help moving on from your breakup, read How to Get over a Breakup in Twelve Steps and Nine Signs You’re Ready for a New Relationship.

This article was originally published by Hope For Women.

What tips do you have for moving on and preparing yourself for your next relationship?

Monday, April 11, 2011

How to Be the Perfect Prom Date: Ten Tips for Girls

With your perfect dress, shoes and hairstyle, you're sure to be the most beautiful girl at the prom, but how will you measure up as a date? These tips will get you well on the way to being a prom date to remember.

Be on time. Girls are notorious for running late on prom night. Yes, beauty might take a long time to perfect, but do you really want to leave your date sitting awkwardly on the couch with your father? Give the guy a break and hold yourself to being 15 minutes late or less.

Compliment him. Some high school guys relish the opportunity to dress up in a tux while others feel uncomfortable and out of their element. Whatever the case may be, make sure you give your date a heartfelt compliment about his appearance. Comment on something specific that you particularly like—his hair, his tie color, or the way he smells. You'll set a positive and relaxed mood for the rest of the night.

Show interest in him. Even if you said yes to him out of pity, because he was the first one who happened to ask you, or because he was the only one who happened to ask you, he is your date for the night. Act glad to be with him! Ask questions to get to know him a little better and carry on a good conversation over dinner or during a slow dance.

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Do you have any tips to add?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Five Benefits of Having a Friday Wedding

When setting a wedding date, couples tend to automatically begin by looking at Saturday afternoons. While there are certainly many advantages to having a Saturday wedding, an alternative that has become increasingly popular is the Friday wedding. Before discounting this option for the sake of tradition, consider the following five benefits of hosting your wedding on a Friday evening.

Timing Between Events

Some churches have limited availability for weddings on Saturday afternoons because of Saturday evening services. For example, my husband and I were obligated to be completely out of the church by 3:30 p.m. on our wedding day. If a couple plans to have an evening reception following an afternoon ceremony, this can lead to a long period of downtime for guests between events. The events of Friday wedding celebrations, on the other hand, can be held one right after the other.

However, this may mean that your photography schedule feels a bit of a pinch. You might consider taking the majority of your formal portraits during the day so as not to keep your guests (and your appetites!) waiting too long at the reception hall, and perhaps to take advantage of the sunlight if you'd like outdoor photographs.


Friday wedding ceremonies offer the opportunity of creating a dramatic, romantic ambiance that starkly contrasts that of a bright spring afternoon. If you've dreamed of a candlelit wedding ceremony, dancing under the stars, or elegant evening gowns for your bridesmaids, a Friday wedding might be for you. If you live in a particularly warm climate, an evening ceremony can also help your guests to escape the uncomfortable heat and sun.

Time to Get Ready

Although you might not be able to wait to get the show on the road, some brides enjoy the opportunity to relax and take their time getting ready on the big day. While I was up at the crack of dawn to start my hair and makeup for a 1 p.m. wedding ceremony, Friday evening brides can get up at their leisure, make later beauty appointments, and even enjoy the luxury of eating actual meals during the day—if they are not too nervous to eat!

Discounts and Availability

Perhaps one of the greatest draws of a Friday evening wedding is the discount offered by many wedding vendors on days other than Saturday. From reduced hall fees to half-price catering, Friday evening weddings can certainly pack more bang for your buck. Better yet, because Friday weddings are not as popular as Saturdays (hence the lower prices), you will not be competing with as many brides for your date of choice.

Time with Guests

When out-of-townguests come in for a Saturday wedding, they usually have to leave early the next day in order to make it back for work and school on Monday. With a Friday wedding, you have the option to take the whole day on Saturday to spend with out-of-town friends and family. Though it is probably less convenient for guests to come in to town for a Friday evening wedding, they may welcome the opportunity to take a long weekend and make a mini-vacation out of your special occasion.

As with all aspects of wedding planning, it’s important to remember to consider a variety of options and to think outside the box before making final decisions. As long as your wedding party and out-of-town guests don’t mind taking a little extra time off, the benefits of a Friday evening wedding might just outweigh those of the traditional Saturday afternoon!

Monday, April 4, 2011

How Hormones Help and Hinder Romantic Relationships

"You must be ovulating." -my husband

It's rare that a husband would be able to identify where a woman is in her menstrual cycle (unless he is blaming PMS for a recent outburst or notices tampons on the grocery bill). But thanks to what I've learned about my menstrual cycle, and then promptly shared with my husband, he understands me infinitely better by knowing what hormones are raging through my body at any given moment.

In fact, I've come to find out that many of my chronic psychological and physical ailments can be traced back to the delicate balance of hormones in my body which, if tipped in one direction or the other, can drastically impact how I function in my daily life. Figuring this out actually helped me to diagnose myself with estrogen dominance, which was causing everything from constipation to decreased sex drive to anxiety and depression, and, most importantly, irregular ovulation patterns that were affecting my ability to get pregnant. I began to treat with natural progesterone oil from Young Living Essential Oils, and BAM!—my mood stabilized, my cycle regulated, and I just felt... well... better.

My latest article, How Hormones Help and Hinder Romantic Relationships, explores the effects that the dance of the hormones in a woman's body can have on her love life.

Have you noticed that hormones have influenced your love life?

Friday, April 1, 2011

Even My Mom Has a Work Spouse!

Jim and Pam on The Office are the perfect example of the "work spouse" phenomenon. Without each other, they would probably have found life at Dunder Mifflin pretty darn boring, but they relied on each for entertainment through witty banter, playing pranks on Dwight, and conversation. Of course, most of us know how Jim and Pam's story evolves. They may have been "work spouses" at one point, but they eventually fell in love and are now married with a baby.

While this might seem like an unavoidable progression for a man and woman who strike up a close friendship at work, it's not the usual case. My latest article explores a study conducted on "work spouse" relationships and uses a first-person example that's close to my heart: my mom!

The "Work Spouse" Phenomenon: Middle-Aged Moms Are No Exception

Do you have a work spouse?