Thursday, March 10, 2011

TV for Newlyweds

I have written in the past about the downfalls of technology in marriage, but there are some upsides, too—like, great evening entertainment before you hit the period in your life when you have little to no evening to yourselves.

My husband and I have a very distinct lineup of shows that we look forward to every week, and if we happen to miss it when it airs, our DVR is ready and waiting to back us up. We also make very good use of our Netflix account, and I think I might have a little too much fun finding things on Instant Queue and opening up the little red envelopes from the mailbox.

For other couples like us who are into TV, you know it can sometimes be hard to find TV shows that both of you will enjoy. For example, I am just not allowed to watch Glee when my husband is around, and I am just not into The League. If you're looking for some couple-pleasing TV shows, check out this list of five of our favorites.

Are any of your favorites on the list? Which other shows would you recommend?

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