Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Seven Signs He's Marriage Material

Thinking about settling down sometime soon? Hoping a husband and kids are just around the corner? If this is the case, you may need to evaluate the man you're dating to see whether he's the right one to build that life with. Some guys are just not ready to even consider the transition into married life. If you are anxious and ready to begin the next phase of your life, make sure your relationship has the potential to lead to marriage, so that you are not wasting your time. Here are seven signs that will show you that your boyfriend is "marriage material":

1. He keeps a tidy home.

If you go over to your boyfriend's apartment and there are clothes everywhere, dirty dishes piled as high as the ceiling, and a giant health code violation for a bathroom, he might not be ready for the demands of keeping up a home. He may just need a little motivation to clean up, but if it's like pulling teeth to get him to run a vacuum, he may not be marriage material quite yet.

2. He is financially responsible.

Starting a life together takes a lot of money, from paying for a wedding to buying a house, and you need to know he'll be able to budget for all the upcoming expenses. A man who is marriage material should have savings and a plan for paying off his debt, avoid excessive frivolous spending, and have a solid idea of where his money is going each month.

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What signs of being "marriage material" would you add?

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