Friday, March 4, 2011

Not Abstinence-Only, but Waiting By Choice

I read a couple of very uplifting articles today on the topic of premarital sex. In a YourTango article called "Pop Culture vs. The Pulpit: How I Decided Premarital Sex Was Wrong," Christy Krumm describes how she didn't take "because I said so" for an answer as she tried to make her own decision about whether or not to wait for sex. Somewhere between searching Google and her soul, she realized she actually wanted to wait, and not just out of obligation.

In "More People Realizing Sex Not the Focus of a Relationship," Mary Thatcher responds to Krumm's article and explores religious and practical reasons that a person might want to wait.

I am so excited by the idea that a new "sexual revolution" might be on the horizon—one in which people start to recognize the true value of sex. I am guilty as the next person of rebelling against my religious upbringing and completely ignoring Church teaching on premarital sex in what seems to have been another life, but once the truth became clear to me, my entire world changed for the better.

Here is an excerpt from an article I wrote about my own view of and experience with this subject: is nothing less than a beautiful, cosmic event between two people. If abstinence-only programs are causing students to see it as less than that, then educators are failing miserably. Rather than scaring students into avoiding sex because of a threatening finger shaken in their direction, we should be empowering them to choose to save that cosmic event for a committed, lifelong relationship in which it can be shared freely, totally, faithfully, and fruitfully - in other words, it should be saved for marriage.

The Scientific Link
I can speak firsthand of the power of sex, both in the context of committed relationships and with relative strangers. Enjoying my newfound "freedom" at age 18, I bought into the idea that sex is just something that two people do (and should be able to do if they want, darn it!) either for fun and pleasure or to demonstrate their love for one another. Why was it, then, that at the end of every encounter or relationship, I felt that something was missing?

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What are your opinions on the subject? Have your opinions changed over time?

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  1. Thanks for referencing my article! Awesome blog post, and I also think you should check out Tyler Blanski's post on this subject for the CNN Belief Blog:
    Maybe a sexual "revolution" is in order!