Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How Faith Has Shaped My Love Life

Three of my latest articles share some important lessons about what I've learned about relationships over time. My Catholic faith has really colored and re-shaped my entire view on sex, dating, relationships, and marriage since I began diving more deeply into it in graduate school. While it was often difficult not to just go with the flow of my desires and follow social norms, in the end I think my love life has been much richer and more meaningful because of it.

In Biblical Messages to Guide Your Marriage, I reveal four Bible passages that have shaped how I (try to) act within my marriage. It's not always easy, but Jesus taught us the most fulfilling way to love.

Though my thoughts on cohabitation stem from my faith, I have learned Practical Reasons Not to Live Together Before Marriage that I share here.

Finally, in Lessons about Sex to Teach Your Teenage Daughter, I discuss three lessons about sex I had to learn the hard way. I pray other women can learn from my mistakes.

How has your faith shaped your love life?

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