Monday, February 28, 2011

Solving Sticky Wedding Guest Situations

When you have finally set your guest list and sent the wedding invitations, you might breathe a sigh of relief and wait with anticipation for the RSVP cards to flood your mailbox. Unfortunately, the problem solving is not yet over, because guests aren't always on the same page as you are. Consider the following three sticky wedding guest situations that might arise, how to avoid them, and—if they've unfortunately already come to be—how to deal with them.

Uninvited Dates of Guests

When the RSVP comes back signed "Miss Susie Smith and Guest" and the invitation was clearly only addressed to "Miss Susie Smith," you've got an issue. Whether the problem is with seating, cost, or your preference to have only close friends and family at your wedding, a guest assuming she can bring a "plus one" certainly presents a sticky situation.

How to avoid the sticky situation: Include a line on your RSVP cards that reads, "We have reserved _____ seat(s) in your honor." As you fill out your invitations, write in the appropriate number of guests on the corresponding RSVP card.

How to deal with the sticky situation: If you can't manage the extra person, call the invited guest and explain that although she had included the name of a date on her RSVP, the invitation was meant only for her. Apologize for giving the wrong impression, and let her know that if you are later able to accommodate the guest, due to declined invitations, you will let her know.

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What sticky wedding guest situations have you encountered?

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