Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Simple Household Habits to Start Early in Your Marriage

I woke up this morning to a sink full of dishes, clean laundry in a pile on the futon that needed to be put away, a bunch of boxes my husband had begun packing for the move to our new house (which, mind you, isn't going to happen for another month)... and my husband wide awake watching Netflix on the couch and admitting he'd been doing so for the last hour.

"But," he argued when I complained that he could have done the dishes, "I did do work around here!" What he was referring to was shredding up a book we don't need anymore so that we could have packing material for the move. In his mind, this is our top priority because he (respectably) wants to be ready to walk out the door and move into our new house after closing. In my mind, it's more important to have the daily tasks taken care of before moving on to bigger, more in-depth projects.

Getting married means combining two people into one household - two people with different emphases on the importance of a tidy home, different levels of work ethic when it comes to chores, and different priorities for what projects should take precedence over others. My advice to you is to get started right away in your marriage with figuring out how the two of you can partner up to keep your house the way you want it.

You can begin with these "Six Simple Household Habits to Start Early in Your Marriage." Hopefully, I will soon start walking my own talk!

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What tips do you have for keeping a tidy house as a team?

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