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Funny Bridal Shower Games to Get the Bride Laughing

Laugh With the Bride: Funny Bridal Shower Games

Bridal shower guests might be dreading the inevitable games they’ll have to play over the course of the event, but they’ll leave with smiles on their faces if they’ve gotten a good chuckle along the way. The following five games have an element of humor that are sure to make your guests laugh – and the bride-to-be will probably even find them funny herself.

“How Sweet It Is”

“How Sweet It Is” is a word matching game that pairs candy bar names with wedding and marriage phrases. Bridal shower guests usually get a chuckle out of the answer – especially such risqué pairs as “Skor” with “Wedding Night” and “Good ‘n’ Plenty” with “Honeymoon.” See a sample question sheet and its corresponding answer sheet here, or if you’re feeling creative, make your own. The winner of the game is the guest who has the most correct matches when time is up. And what better prize for that guest than some candy?

Mad Lib

For this personalized game, craft a story about a honeymoon adventure for the bride and groom, what their wedding night will be like, or whatever couple-related event you can think of. (My sister once had the brilliant idea to use the “how we met” story from the bride and groom’s website.) Leave out some of the key adjectives, nouns, verbs, and adverbs and provide an answer sheet with corresponding blanks. Guests fill out the answer sheet in teams before they see or hear the story. Read each completed Mad Lib out loud to the bride so that she can vote for the winner!

Baby Photos

Well before the shower, have each member of the wedding party submit the funniest baby photo they can find, as well as a current photo. Make a handout, poster, or slideshow of the pictures and ask guests to pair each baby photo with its corresponding bridal party member. The person who can identify the most babies correctly wins a prize. This game is especially fun for those guests who have known certain members of the bridal party since childhood.

The Soundtrack of Life

Give each guest two small slips of paper and ask them to write down the slow song and dance song they most want to hear played at the wedding. Announce after they’ve been turned in that these song titles you’re about to read all describe the bride and groom’s life together. You can either read them all on the fly or review them before you read them aloud while the guests are distracted with another activity. If you review them ahead of time you can choose just the best songs to read or break them into categories, such as “In The Bedroom” or “Things the Groom Will Say to the Bride.” The bride can choose the song titles she found funniest or most relevant and the guests who submitted them would win the game.

“That’s What She Said”

This isn’t really a game – more of a “gotcha” to the bride – but it’s a fun way to end the shower. While the bride is opening gifts, have one of the bridesmaids secretly record all of her exclamations. When she’s done opening gifts, announce that you have a list of all the things the bride will say on her wedding night. I was embarrassed but couldn’t help but laugh when my bridesmaid read such phrases as, “It’s bigger than I thought it would be!” aloud to my wedding guests – and of course everyone else was in stitches!

How to Write a Bridal Shower Thank-You Note

When you sit down to write your mountain of bridal shower thank-you notes, you might feel so overwhelmed you’re not even sure where to start. Fortunately, after having written a virtual book of thank-you notes between my wedding and first child, I’m pretty sure I have established a sure-fire method for writing thank-you notes. I’m sure you feel genuinely grateful that people spent their time and treasure helping you prepare for your upcoming marriage. Follow these four steps to express your gratitude in a sincere, memorable way.

Thank them for their presence or acknowledge their absence.

It’s easy to forget that for many people, time is a more precious asset than money. Start by thanking your bridal shower guest for taking the time to celebrate your upcoming wedding. If the guest wasn’t able to attend the bridal shower, acknowledge that she was missed.

Name the gift specifically.

Rather than opting for a generic phrase such as “your generous gift,” name the bridal shower gift specifically in your thank-you note. If the gift had many pieces, name a couple standout items and add a phrase such as, “as well as the other thoughtful additions to our new home.”

Explain how you’ve used it or plan to use it.

As a thank-you note recipient, this is the part I always look forward to most. I want to picture the gift that I took the time to choose being used! If you have already had the opportunity to use the gift, name a specific instance. If you have not yet used it, tell the bridal shower guest one or two ways in which you’re sure the gift will be used in the future.

Wrap it up with a personal touch.

Include a sentiment that is a compliment to the bridal shower guest’s taste or thoughtfulness. Make mention of something to do with the guest’s family or upcoming plans. Remind her that you’d love to see her at the wedding, and wrap up with a sweet sign-off such as, “With love.”

Please visit my blog to see some bridal shower thank-you note wording samples based on this formula. Happy writing!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Bridal Shower Thank-You Note Wording Examples

Photo by William Arthur Fine Stationery
Sometimes it can be difficult to even know where to begin writing a bridal shower thank-you note, let alone write one that is personal and memorable. I've found that the four steps outlined here are a no-fail formula for bridal shower thank-you notes your guests will appreciate. Here are some bridal shower thank-you note wording examples based on these four steps.

Thank-You for a Bridal Shower Gift | Guest Attended

Dear Aunt Susie,

Thank you so much for coming to my bridal shower and helping me celebrate my upcoming wedding. I absolutely love the toaster you gave me. Aaron and I both love eating toast with our breakfast, so I know it will be used often! I've always appreciated your love and support of our relationship. Please send my best to Uncle Pat, and I hope to see you at the wedding!


Thank-You for a Bridal Shower Gift | Guest Did Not Attend

Dear Louise,

I was sorry to hear you couldn't make it to the shower - we missed you there! But I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the bridal shower gift you sent in the mail. The blanket you picked out is perfect for our living room! In fact, we already have it out on our couch, ready for the next movie night. Thank you again for your generosity. I hope all is well in Alabama, and if it's possible, we would love to see you at the wedding!


Thank-You for a Bridal Shower Gift | Many Pieces

Dear Francine,

Thank you so much for sharing in my bridal shower. It meant a lot to have you there! I am incredibly grateful for the many thoughtful additions to our home you included in your gift. I'm especially excited to use the new cake pans as I have recently developed a love for baking! Thank you so much for your generosity. I hope we can soon visit you in New York and that we will see you at the wedding!

All the best,

Thank-You for a Bridal Shower Gift of Money

Dear Beth,

Thank you so much for coming to my bridal shower. It was great to see you and your sweet little daughter! I am so grateful for the gift of money you gave us. We will put it to good use as we begin furnishing our new home. We are sincerely appreciative of your generosity. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation from graduate school! We're looking forward to seeing you at the wedding.

With love,

Let me know if there are other types of samples you'd like to see and I'd be happy to try writing one for you!

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What Do You Do at a Bridal Shower?

When I receive an invitation to a wedding shower, I sometimes experience a sense of dread about attending. All too often, wedding showers end up being nothing more than a meal and some cake, a couple of awkward games, and acting as a spectator while the bride opens her mountain of gifts. To be fair, the point of the shower is for the bride to receive presents, but that doesn’t mean the experience has to be a drag for the guests! If you are planning a wedding shower, consider spicing things up a little with these twists and activities.

Make the wedding shower meal interactive

Get the wedding shower guests involved in a customizable meal. Hold the wedding shower during the brunch hour and offer a build-your-own Belgian waffle bar. If you have access to an oven, have the wedding shower guests put together their own calzones or personal pizzas and serve them fresh out of the oven. You could even offer a make-your-own cocktail (or mocktail) bar and host a contest – the bride’s favorite recipe will become the featured drink at the wedding.

Get wedding shower guests involved in an art project

As wedding shower guests watch the bride open her gifts, ask them to work on a group art project. Provide felt squares and fabric paint and ask the guests to decorate a quilt for the bride. Give each table a page of a calendar or scrapbook and ask them to fill it with their favorite inspirational quotes, wedding advice, memories with the bride, and photographs. If you’re not particularly artsy, invite a local business to facilitate a craft project such as jewelry making or knitting – make-your-own favor!

Get creative with your wedding shower games

Rather than playing BINGO or the purse scavenger hunt, try to get creative when planning your wedding shower games. In this post, I suggest some wedding shower games that will be sure to give your wedding shower guests a laugh. Alternatively, team guests up for a contest such as a taste testing or bake-off. Take it one step further and host a themed shower such as a casino night, mystery dinner theater, or improvisational comedy show. These ideas might get guests a little more involved than your average wedding shower, but your unique party will keep them entertained and build memories that will last long after the cake is gone!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

3 Free Christmas Gifts to Rejuvenate Your Relationship

As Christmas approaches, you're surely looking for something special to give that special person in your life. On the other hand, your bank account may be dwindling, and perhaps it would be best if that gift was inexpensive - or, better yet, free. Thankfully, there are plenty of invaluable gifts to give your loved one this Christmas that will not a cost penny and will actually rejuvenate your relationship! Here are three ideas to get you started with your brainstorm.

Golden Silence

My husband would probably jump for joy if I gave him the gift of silence for Christmas. It's not that he doesn't want to hear me talk. On the contrary, he's interested in hearing about my life and having productive discussions with me. Rather, it's that he doesn't want to hear me grumble, interrupt, or nag - which I realize ends up being the majority of our conversation a lot of the time. To rejuvenate your relationship, consider giving the gift of silence - that is, active listening, waiting before saying "no," limited complaining, and the benefit of the doubt.

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Seven Holiday Traditions to Start with Your New Husband

When I was growing up, my family had Christmas traditions that made our holidays unique and memorable. No matter what changed during the year, my siblings and I took comfort in knowing Christmas would be the same. Now that I'm a newlywed and starting my own family, my new husband and I are looking forward to beginning some of our own traditions. It's exciting to think that some of these Christmas traditions will carry on into our kids' lives and shape the way we all remember and look forward to Christmases for years to come. Here is a list of seven traditions my husband and I look forward to starting as we experience our first holiday season as a married couple.

1. A Christmas collection: Start a Christmas collection that we add to every year. My husband and I are going to start a collection of Christmas ornaments that we add to every year, commemorating something exciting that has happened since the last Christmas. If you start a Christmas collection, it doesn't have to be of tree ornaments - it could be buildings for a Christmas village or Precious Moments figurines. Whatever the case, pulling out the collection as you decorate each year is sure to bring back a flood of memories and illustrate how you've grown as a family over time.

2. Christmas morning breakfast: Choose a special food or meal that we will have for breakfast on Christmas morning as a family. Each year, my mom always made homemade coffee cake that we enjoyed as we opened presents on Christmas morning. Of course, my husband and I are big "breakfast people," so our traditional Christmas breakfast will probably be a little more hearty... not only will we look forward to eating it, but also to cooking it together!

3. Church service: Pick a Christmas service at our church that we will attend each year. Growing up, my family always attended the early Mass on Christmas Eve. When we showed up at church, ready to celebrate what we consider the true meaning of Christmas, it really kicked off our Christmas celebration right. Now that my husband and I are members of a new church, in a new city, we will have to choose a Mass that becomes our special Christmas Mass.

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What is Marriage Really Like?

I find it interesting that fairytales often end with weddings. The prince and princess have gone through hell and high water to be together, and the idea seems to be that marriage is the reward, the end of the journey. But what happens after they ride off into the sunset?

I'm not sure marriage is ever what anyone expects it to be when they make their vows. There have been days when I have felt quite disenchanted with the married life, as I face yet another pile of dishes that I don't seem to stand a hope of getting help with or find myself wishing my husband could read my mind. But yet, there have been other days when I have been absolutely floored by the unique strength of the relationship between a husband and a wife. I mean, think about it, two people pledging their lives to each other, promising never to leave the other's side. There is a lot of power in that promise.

When I asked married women of all ages from across the United States to describe what marriage is "really" like, it often came down to the attitude about that promise of partnership. Is it a burden and a chore, or does it present a daily opportunity to grow together, support one another, and build a life together? Maybe a little of both.

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